The Pathway to Cash flow

Threshold Capital is a real estate investment firm specializing in the acquisition, renovation, and operating of multifamily communities. As we purchase value-add properties, targeted opportunities are typically underperforming due to inferior physical condition, deficient asset management or in most instances, a combination of both. Size parameters are typically 100-500 units, with geographical targets within stable growth markets throughout the south and southeastern United States. While major metropolitan areas are certainly a focus, we have had tremendous success in secondary and tertiary markets, where there is more prevalence of smaller, unsophisticated owners and operators.

Cash flow reigns supreme in this investment climate. Threshold has an impressive track record of producing excellent cash flow returns by revitalizing and turning around underserved properties. Our expertise in implementing value creation strategies and diligently managing operations is a proven formula for not only driving property performance, but creating and preserving equity value. Fundamental to our overall strategy is the concept of competitive advantage. Our ability to create a competitive edge for our properties has been very instrumental in consistently outperforming the competition.

The real estate industry as a whole has experienced one of the most disruptive real estate cycles of this generation, with many firms failing due to overly aggressive pricing, unrealistic forecasting assumptions, poor capital planning, and lack of on-site expertise. Threshold, using acquisition discipline and through our entrepreneurial and adaptive operating approach, stayed on course and delivered outstanding returns throughout this very difficult period. Currently, the multifamily sector has rebounded and given the housing sector's much needed correction, the fundamentals look very strong for the apartment industry.

To date, Threshold has invested in over 12,000 units and the portfolio currently comprises greater than 9,600 units, with an aggregate market value of approximately $600 Million. We are very well positioned to continue our growth in this dynamic and rewarding industry and are actively pursuing further investment opportunities.

There is money to be made.

The Headlines

Threshold Purchases 1,200 Unit Apartment Portfolio
Thursday, October 6, 2016